Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Share, wear collect the rare
on you hips, on your ankle
or in your hair
if you wanna add a bit of flare
its a hip new style that's fun to ware!

Can you help me?

in Club Penguin Cheat sites, people allways do xat. i'm not allowed to do xat so can you stop doing it? thanks! evie

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Gonna cause a stink
Won't be the first to blink
I'm not who you think
Don't mess with me, I'm Boudicca!

My husband Presotagus died
He was a Celtic king
I was his queen, so due to me
Was half of everything

Roman law gave half to me
So half was what they got
Till their nasty soldiers came
And took the blessed lot

Hey mister!
I say you got the wrong end of the stick
His answer turned this sister
Into one angry chick!

No man, Roman'll
Push around this woman
You won't get far, with Boudicca
Foeman, yeoman,
Smash the Roman foeman
All say yah! Yah! Boudicca!

I built a massive army
Headed straight for the city
Beat 'em all with ease
And like me, it wasn't pretty

Chopped 'em and hacked but
What made their red blood curl
Bad enough being beaten
But beaten by a girl?

Wacked 'em, smacked 'em
Boy how we attacked 'em
Near and far, ha ha ha!
Flayed 'em, slayed 'em
Up and down parade 'em
Boudicca! Toughest by far!

Colchester, London, St. Albans
Everybody talk about dead Romans!

We marched on up the Roman road
That's known as Watling Street
They trapped us in the forest
Then thrashed us to our defeat

By now you'd guessed I'm not the kind
Of girl to sit and cry
Be sold a slave to Romans?
You know I'd rather die!

They tried to take me prisoner
So I led the Roman boys on
Instead of giving in to them
I swallowed special poison!

Martyr, smarter
Capturer, non-starter
This was our last hurrah!
Slaughtered, dismembered
Our tribe always remembered
Boudicca! Superstar!
Boudicca! Superstar!


Ra, ra, Cleopatra!
Famous beauty coming at ya!
Ra ra, patra Cleo!
Guys all go gaga for me-o!

I am a leader And a lady and a queen
I'm Cleopatra
Such a queen, never been seen
I am a pharoah
Yet they're-o meant to be guys
But I don't care-oI just wear-o beard disguise

My mum and dad were pharoahs
I thought my rule's due
But both my older sisters Thought that they should
rule too
Oh dear, they both died!
I wonder who that would leave
Little me-o, pharoah Cleo?
Okay, no time to grieve!

Think that's alarming, you'd be right but it gets worse
Married my half brother And we ruled the universe
That bad romance Led to an overcrowded throne
But then he died, boo-hooSo now I rule alone

Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah
All hail lady Cleo!
Wah, wah, wah, la, la
Coolest pharoah by far!

Fashion topped my list of vices
[ From : http://www.elyrics.net/read/h/horrible-histories-lyrics/cleopatra-lyrics.html ]
Bathed in asses' milk and spices
Then I dressed like goddess Isis
Long, black hair in ringlets nicest
Vipers too for men entices
Finest linen robe, top prices!
Married another brotherHe's an okay geezer
But never toldOf my love for Julius Caesar
Had Caesar's child and hopedThat he'd be crowned
My bro said no, I said 'Oh!'And I murdered him

'Cause I am CleopatraEgypt's royalty
The ruling pharoah, don't you dare-oMess with me!
My pokerface smilesOnly when I see
A man who takes my fancy likeOh! Mark Antony!

Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah
Another Roman leader.
Wah, wah, wah, la, la
No Egyptian crowd pleaser

Ra, ra, Cleopatra!
Finally, I'd met my match-a!
Ra, ra, patra Cleo!
Ends in death for him and me-o!
My life was a dramaI was one kooky mama!
Woah, woah, woah, you know
Today I'd be a favourite of thePaparazzo!


My name is
My name is
My name is Charles the II

I love the people and the people love me
So much that they restored The English monarchy
I'm part Scottish, French, Italian, A little bit Dane
But 100% party animal, champagne?

Spaniels I adore named after me too
Like me, they were fun
With a natty hairdo
Is today my birthday?
I can't recall
Lets have a party anyway because I love a masked ball

All hail the King of Bling
Lets sing, bells ring, ding, ding
I'm the king who brought partying

King Charles, my daddy, lost his throne and kings were banned
They chopped off his head
Then Ollie Cromwell ruled the land
Old Ollie wasn't jolly
He was glum and he was proud
Would be miserable as sin
Only sinnings not allowed

When Ollie died, the people said
"Charlie, me hearty
"Get rid of his dull laws
Come back we'd rather party"
This action's what they call the monarchy restoration
Which naturally was followed by a huge celebration

The King of Eng-
land say
No sin to sing
Or an-
All say I'm the king who brought back partying

The Great London Fire was a whoppa
In my reign London City came a croppa
So this King did what was right and proppa
Fought the fire, proved I'm more than just a bopper
I'm a fire stopper

Married Catherine Braganza
She was a love so true
There would never be another
Well, maybe on or two
Lucy Walter, Neil Gwynn, Moll Davis, Barbara Villiers
You think that's bad but her name's not as silly as ... Hortense Manchini

As King, I must admit I broke the wedding rules
But who cares when I brought back the Crown Jewels?
I reinstated Christmas, make-up, sport and even plays
I was the Merry Monarch
They were good old days
When said
and done
King Charles did run
England for fun
I was the king loved by everyone
My song is done
Party, anyone?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


hey guys! a few weeks ago i found out about skylanders™. then i lernt about the dragon Spyro. he is purple and orange seeya and  get skylanders then tell me what its like

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


1. The Chanters Of Termaris- Kate Constable
2. Ramona- Beaverly Cleary
3. Bella Sara- SOMEONE
4. Whinnie The Poo- SOMEONE
5. Pony Pals- SOMEONE

For the someone can you please tell who they are by? thanks!

Evie Puppy Cadpig out!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hey! I have never made a profile :-O! so here it is:

Contry: dont you know, australia VIC!

Pets: i did have a goldfish called sabby bt it died

Sister or brothers: annoying sister alice

Clubs: club penguin!

Computer vitural games: Moshi monsters,Fantage,youtube,blogger and club penguin

Other blogs: Evie's LPS or something

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hey guys, evie puppy cadpig here! Today i have a few cp updates... they are:
. party hat! (get is at the coffee shop befour its to late)
.igloo halloween contest (ends tomoro i think)
.gary the gaget guy!!!
here some for me:
.got new puffles!!!!! (well got rid of evilg and dd) they are ruby and sapphire
.new look
well Evie (not me, my friend) is here and shes going to say somthing
Hi i'm Evie. I like buchyboys and playing cricket with Evie. BYe!!!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

cp haloween!!

BOO! did i scare you? well its evie puppy cadpig! (not a ghost :) ) the new halloween party is on club penguin now. this monday its the club penguin anavesrey party yay!! im gonna get the unlimited hat!!! never been to one befour :( POLL: are you going to check out the coffe shop this monday?
Yes i have a penguin!
dont have a penguin
whats club penguin?
well seeya ECP fans! evie puppy cadpig out! check out these penguins evie puppy, evietc and evie105 on

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Club Penguin:Puffle Party!

OMG!Tomorrow it's the club penguin puffle party and I'm so ready for it!Aquwa is ready and I'm bringing her to school!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

who is Cadpig?

hello!Cadpig is a dog that is in one hundred and one dalmatians and star light barking!
She is one of the smartest dogs in the book and she lives with the prime minister!she LOVES T.V. and she is the smallest dog in the books! new posts will be coming soon from me Evie Puppy Cadpig! oh yeah don't worry about the "about me" thing cos that is not mine!(like totally!so last year!)