Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Mane Pictures (VOTE!!!)

Hello friends. i've decided about something. i need YOU do decide my fave picture, thanks! They are posted up here. if you don't like any, tell me and i'll make another vote. There is:
1. baby pegasus
2. puppy group
3. fire wolf
4.barn owl
5. pegasus
6. wolf king
7. black pega
8. alpha wolf
just pick a number. vote ends april 1st 2012

NOTE: if you thought of or drew theses pictures, your lucky i like them. These will be my bacround pic


  1. I second the barn owl vote - great wings!

  2. I vote for 1, 5 or 7. I love horses with wings.

  3. I would like to see a picture you drew or created. I like wings so it would be good if your animal had wings.

  4. I vote for the barn owl. We had an owl on our basketball ring, it was pretty special. I hope we never have a dog or horse in out back yard

  5. At the risk of becoming boring, I also vote for barn owl. A few years ago we had a family of owls live in a tree above our balcony for about a week. I thought they were just beautiful! Suzanne

  6. Fire wolf gets my vote, Evie. He is way cool! In fact, i think i would like to be a fire wolf. jxx

  7. I vote for 1. I guess that only the sides of the picture will be visible, rather than the middle part, so it might be a good idea to pick one that has something going on on the left and right rather than just in the centre.